Author: Mark

Let’s help Lower Case Blues get their gear back, be on the lookout!

Lower Case Blues LCB was ROBBED!!! Staying at The Hilton in White Marsh MD. The next day equipment was missing from our truck. Missing Items include: MusicMan Stingray Bass – Natural finish, black pickguard and loaded with signatures on the back. Boss pedal board- inside was Boss tuner, digital delay, phaser, flanger, bass overdrive and Emma discumbobulator. Also a bunch… Read more →

If you were there for our show at Milton Theatre, you would have seen the world premier our video for Millville Cemetery created by the fine folks over at W Films. We’re pleased to finally share it with the rest of the world. Enjoy!

The Cocks – Millville Cemetery From the EP “Shake Out The Ghosts” by The Cocks ©2016 The SONeC Corporation, Ltd., New Castle, Delaware Video credits: Directed by Rob… More info @ Automated post from The Cocks – April 27, 2016 at 08:58PM Read more →